Tuesday, September 2, 2014

✞ Thank you Kawaii.i, I'm a Ghost of Harlem now ! ✞

Hi dolls! Some times ago, I won a prize from Kawaii International, remember? Well, I received a big parcel from Japan and I would like to share with you the pretty stuff that were inside!

I received a whole outfit from Ghost of Harlem! The one Sakurina is wearing on this pic  : synthetic leather studded cap, fleece mini skater skirt with suspender and a power net catear-cut tops. The clothes are great, and I love the skirt! 

So stylish, right?  I don't think I can be as cute as Sakurina in this outfit, but I tried my best! I hope you'll like my shooting. 

top (actually it's a tunic), skirt and cap : Ghost of Harlem ; shoes : New Look ; necklace : Glavil

Thank you again Kawaii International, I'm so proud of being chosen to receive this prize!  That's not the first time I was involved in Kawaii.i events, and I hope it won't be the last! I experienced so many great things thanks to them. Thank you again!

Don't forget to like the facebook page and watch the shows, to know the latest trends in kawaii culture

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Inspiration : retro gyaru style

Hi dolls! During my last trip in Paris, I found some old gyaru magazines. Do you know Kilala? It was an hime gyaru magazine. The issue I bought was edited in 2008.
As I'm a nostalgic of "retro" gyaru fashion, I really liked what I saw in Kilala. I would say it's a mix between Egg and Ageha styles. Outfits are colorful, with touches of JSG or ma*rs inspiration, hair is puffy, makeup is heavier than nowadays. I think this magazine really inspiring! What about you?

(don't worry, that's better inside! >_<)

Soon on the blog : Kawaii.i prize review! Stay tuned! ^^

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Twin selfie ☆★

Hi dolls! C'est ça de craquer pour les mêmes vêtements, ça crée de drôles de défis. Et comme Astralys chérie et moi sommes un peu beaucoup loin l'une de l'autre, et que s'habiller de la même façon le même jour il faut l'avouer ça craint (à moins d'avoir 10 ans ou d'être un couple asiatique), le twin selfie s'est imposé comme la meilleure des solutions! (PS : tu me manques ma poupette d'amour)

Hi dolls! When you and a friend choose the same clothes, you can't wear them the same day (unless you're 10 y/o or an asian couple). That's why we created the twin selfie!

"ice cream" top : New Yorker ; skirt : Jennyfer ; beanie : Baby Shoop ; "Mario bros" belt : New Look
hot point : reversible belt! one side with red mushroom, and green mushroom on the other side!

Mais sinon, tu te demandes forcément comment je peux prendre de si beaux selfies, je me trompe?lol La solution se trouve à Bangkok! Si tu vis en Asie, tu connais probablement déjà, mais en Europe c'est pas vraiment répandu! Allez, on parie que dans 6 mois, tout le monde en a? C'est une perche Bluetooth qui te permet de pendre des selfies avec ton téléphone, à une distance plus raisonnable de ton visage. Ce qui fait que sur ta photo on verra ta bouille ET le décor qui l'accompagne! 

And now you gonna say "woww how can you take selfie from that ditance?", am I right? lol Well, that comes from Bangkok! If you live in Asia, you probably already know that, but in Europe we don't! It's a Bluetooth monopod to take selfies with your cellphone, from a better distance. Now you can take a pic of your face WITH the landscape around!

A bientôt les princesses!  xoxo

Saturday, August 2, 2014

From Thailand, with love ღ

Hi dolls! Pendant que certains sont en vacances, d'autres bloguent! Et aujourd'hui, je vais blogger sur mes vacances (y'a pas de raison, non mais!). Voici un extrait de mon voyage en amoureux en Thaïlande. Attention les mirettes, ça va péter du canard en poudre! 

Hi gals! Some are on holidays, while others are blogging! So today, I will blog about my holidays! Here are some shots from my trip un Thailand with my hunny. That´s gonna be great and sparkling!

 Bangkok temples, the Grand Palace and the Reclining Buddha

 Bangkok, night and day

 Phuket island : food on night market, cocktails on the beach and peaceful places

 Phi Phi Islands...Paradise!

Si vous me cherchez, je me ballade dans le coin avec ma boîte de kleenex...mais pourquoi suis-je rentrée??? XD   
If you're looking for me, I'm around with my tissue box!